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The prize comprises: 
-One economy class, return ticket (if under-18, an economy ticket will be supplied for the travelling parent or guardian) to Seattle. The cost of the tickets will not exceed US$4,000
-Airport transfers to and from the hotel and DirtFish Rallyschool
-Two nights twin-room accommodation in a hotel close to DirtFish
-Dinner with Oliver Solberg
The winner must:
-Weigh less than 130 kilos
-Be no taller than two metres
-Declare any existing medical conditions before accepting the prize
-Have a full driving license and present it on arrival at DirtFish Rally School

Age restrictions
We understand there are a lot of under-18 gamers taking part. Here are the terms and conditions related to winning if you're under the age of 18. If the winner is aged 9-15, they will be offered a passenger ride with Oliver Solberg - dependant on a parent/guardian signing the appropriate waivers in advance. A winning participant aged 16 or 17 can drive the DirtFish school car with Oliver - but only if they are approved to do so by a DirtFish Rallyschool instructor.

-The winner will be announced within one (1) week of the end of the completion of the Solberg World Cup (midnight on June 21) by the Oliver Solberg Media Office (OSMO). Entry to the competition gives permission for OSMO to contact the winner.
-Subject to eligibility and compliance with all applicable terms and conditions, the first entry drawn at random from all eligible entries will win the prize. 
-Free entry to the competition. A copy of DiRT Rally 2.0 is required with additional locations purchased. Responsibility for any purchases remains with the participant.
-The prize is subject to the winner and/or his/her parent/guardian signing the DirtFish Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity. Those terms and conditions can be accessed here 
-Racesuit and helmet will be provided onsite.
-Codemasters accepts no liability arising from the running of the Solberg World Cup or the delivery of any prizes won by participants in the competition. 

- It is agreed that the winner must provide evidence of their times (via replay recording) if requested. If no replay is available then proof must be provided afterwards showing that the time was possible in a fair way (i.e. without excessive cutting or cheating).

- each individual can only take part in each event of the Solberg World Cup with one account. Those found using multiple accounts will be disqualified from the event.

- if any driver is under suspicion of cheating, it is at the sole discretion of the organiser to disqualify the driver. This includes suspicion of using physics-editing mods, corner cutting, hacking the system or anything else that could create an unfair advantage.

In starting any one of the six events included in the Solberg World Cup, the participant is accepting of all terms and conditions laid out by the Oliver Solberg Media Office (OSMO), the Solberg family, DirtFish Media/DirtFish Rallyschool and Codemasters. 

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