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Oliver’s the new king of the hill

The future’s here. At least for this weekend. Solberg Jr. is king of the hill, winner of Norges Råeste Bakkeløp and conqueror of a triple FIA World Champion – who’s also his dad, Petter.

Driving Petter's old Xsara, Oliver set a storming time of 1m39.33s up the 3.2k- kilometre hill to win the event and set a new event record by over 5 seconds. Not a bad effort for his first time in his dad’s car. And not a bad effort to beat Andreas Bakkerud and his uncle Henning’s times from last year.

“I absolutely loved it,” grinned Oliver. “That car is just awesome – actually, more than awesome. I want to do it again and again. To drive a fully active WRC with 360bhp, paddles [gearshift] and everything is just a dream for me. I have to say a very big thank you to my mum and dad for letting me do this and giving me the chance and, of course, to everybody in the PSRX team who had worked really hard and prepared the car for me.”

Winning one of the biggest hillclimb events in Norway was the realisation of another dream for Oliver. The record was the icing on a very well made and very tasty cake.

“The event went really well,” said Oliver. “We only had two runs where we could really push and have a good go, but everything felt really good. The car gave me some really good feeling and a lot of confidence. I have to thank dad as well, he gave me the keys to unlock some of the secrets for this car he knows so well.”

In all honesty, Petter didn’t stand a chance against Oliver. He was 100 horses down in terms of power, two driven wheels in terms of traction and three decades in terms of technology. Second in class after a predictably sideways run up the hill was enough to keep the PSRX Volkswagen Sweden superstar smiling.

“Honestly, this was a great event,” said Petter. “Pernilla and me, we are so proud of what Oliver has achieved here. He drove really sensibly, he did a good job. Me? I was just out to have some fun and do some skids. I think we put some rubber down and some smiles on some faces. I’m happy with that.” 

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